Pro Cycling News / 16 February 2018

Second place for the Sangemini Mg.Kvis Olmo Vega athlete and great season opener

The Sangemini Mg.Kvis Olmo Vega starts the new season in the best possible way thanks to the incredible performance by Paolo Totò on the streets of the Trofeo Laigueglia in the Italian professionals opening race.

The athlete from Marche took second place, behind Moreno Moser, at the end of a challenging 203 kilometer race, coming up with a high-class trick in the final sprint.

“On the last passage of the Colla Micheri ascent I broke off from the group because I was beginning to cramp up; not long after, I came back to the small group that was following Moser. I held on and managed to win the sprint. I was not expecting to be competitive now. I made a lot of sacrifices this winter, and hopefully, they will pay off with the other results. We are a good team, united, I think we will see some positive outcomes. The goal is to compete with the best and I think that we can do it”.
For the Sangemini Mg.Kvis Olmo Vega team, it was an exceptional start, characterized by earning the prestigious second place spot. At 27 years old, Totò took another step forward on the road towards growth and maturity.

The good test at the beginning of the season has shown all the positive things that have been done during Latina’s collegiate withdrawal in Agro Pontino by athletes who will face the season with a younger rose and continuously stronger motivation. For Colnaghi, who jumped directly from juniors to professionals, the Ligurian competition was baptism by fire: “This opportunity presented itself to me and I did not hesitate to take it. It is something that happens more and more often abroad and is a great opportunity for us young people. In my opinion, this is the future and so I immediately decided to try this path”.

The general manager of Olmo, Andrea Farmakakis, also comments with satisfaction on the Team’s season opener, confirms that all the company support for an ambitious Continental project, already in its debut year, is to show off even in the toughest competitions alongside the Team World Tour.